Sunday, May 12, 2013

What we have been up to...

Well this is what we have been up to for the past five or so months. :)
We had a great Christmas filled with good memories and the flu that lasted for two and half weeks and affected everyone in the family, but it waited two more weeks to get me. The only outing we were able to do so that we didn't get others infected was do a polar van express where we piled in the car with our jammies, hot cocoa, popcorn and candy canes while listening to Christmas carols and looking at all the Christmas lights. The boys loved it!

Ellie learned how to accessorize using all the latest fashion tips ( wearing brother's underwear and pajamas ) and feeling so proud.

A little more accessorizing  using actual necklaces this time.
 Ellie enjoying her brother's birthday cake.

Our stake had a great activity commemorating the Mormon battalion crossing through Yuma.

Reid turned 8 January 19th and was baptized and comfirmed by his father as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints on the 26th! What a wonderful day filled with the spirit and wonderful memories.

What made this day even better is that Steve's parents came from Oregon to help us celebrate this great day.

Wyatt turned 4 and we went go-carting and had ice cream cake with oreo cookies and gummy worms. His favorite present was a playmobile dump truck. He loves dump trucks and every time ours comes down the street he runs outside to greet it and watch with fascination. he reminds me of Steve so much. I sure love that boy!

Our garden produced an abundance of carrots, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, a few broccoli and I'm pretty sure none of it was toxic, but Lincoln looks like he needs to be on the cautious side when holding peas in his hand. :)

Lincoln lost his first tooth and was over the moon with excitement. he thought the day would never come. And to his delight the tooth fairy found our house and left him some gum and 2 dollars. :)


Steve bar-b-qued. The boys knew just what to do to be safe when dad is playing with fire. :)

Reid and Lincoln were both selected to be bodacious bobcats for the month of February. It is similar to being student of the month. Way to go boys!

 Reid became the first of our many cub scouts to come and loves it! The had their pine wood derby and he and Steve worked on their reeses peanut butter cup car. Steve loved it even more then Reid. It was fun to watch them work together.


 Here is Reid receiving his bobcat badge and becoming a wolf.

Snuggles and loves with dad. I wish this picture wasn't blurry or I would frame it.

 Blowing in the wind of the ball popper.

 Enjoying some summer time watermelon.

Doing some swimming in the pool.

And last but not least we are expecting a very much heaven inspired baby boy due mid September!
This picture was taken almost 4 weeks ago so now I officially have a belly. :)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Year in Review 2012

 Steve is the best provider working for 5 and half years for the government. He is doing cross fit, a pretty intense total body workout program and is running 5 miles more regularly then I ever have. He enjoys riding his ATV in the desert for its wide open spaces and rocky trails. He is learning the ropes as the newly called 1st counselor in Sunday school in church. 

 Andria is blessed to be the wife of Steve for over 9 years and to be able to stay home and mother her four children.  She finally has a productive garden this fall – it might have had something to do with moving it into a sunnier section of the yard. J She enjoys crafting, dabbles in sewing and creating fun birthday parties for her children. She loves being the 1st counselor in primary at church.

 Reid is 7 and can’t wait to be baptized in January. He loves 2nd grade and is excited for an all-day field trip in March to the San Diego Zoo! Reid is my amazing reader, he has almost finished book 5 of the Harry Potter series and when he isn’t jumping on the trampoline or riding bikes out front I will usually find him curled up on the couch reading.

Lincoln is 6 and while apprehensive at first has now come to really enjoy kindergarten.  He has made some great friends, is already reading beginner books and can go backward on the monkey bars during recess.  Lincoln loves to wrestle with his dad on the trampoline, listen to anyone reading a story out loud, and works so hard at being the best big brother to his sister Ellie.

Wyatt is 3 and is my best helper.  No matter what I am doing Wyatt is involved- whether it’s sprinkling cheese on enchiladas, mixing cookie dough or putting away laundry. He has almost figured out how to swing all by himself, he loves to be bounced by his dad on the trampoline, and can’t wait to learn how to ride a two-wheeler.

Ellie is 1 and in one year has gone from rolling over, to sitting, crawling and now is an official walker! She loves Aja the German shepherd, playing dress-up with her dad, and gives the best snuggles. She has 7 teeth, can say mama, hi dad, Aja, doggy, woof, and all done.  Ellie loves to play outside with her big brothers and cries when she can’t.  She will fold her arms when we say a prayer and is the best sleeper at night.

 Some fun traveling highlights - as a family we went camping once at the beach and once in the mountains, twice we visited loved ones in Utah and Idaho and we went up to Oregon’s cool summer weather for two and half weeks to visit Steve’s parents and siblings.

 We have been so blessed this year! We hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May you find peace in the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and remember the reason for this wonderful season.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random cuteness from the summer

Ellie at about 8 months after a bath with a cute little curl in her hair.

 Wyatt trying to get a drink from the hose one hot summer day.

 I caught Wyatt surrounded by his books, reading quietly in the his room. -love it!

 These are my two stealth pictures of Reid and Lincoln playing with their play mobile toys.  They were deep in their pretend adventure with pirates and treasures to be found. They were playing so nicely - I had to get a picture. I think one of my favorite sounds to hear is the voices of my children when their little imaginations are working hard. I love to hear the stories they think up and to hear them playing together so nicely. - A little slice of heaven!

Lincoln with his big bum!  It's filled with a bunch of stuffed animals. Silly boy :)

Pretty princess Ellie (at 8 months) in her pink tutu a friend made for her.